What We Do

Creating world-class stone solutions

We create finishes in granite and engineered stone which are rich in sophistication and style. Our world-class global brands including Caesarstone quartz, manufactured in Israel and USA, Sensa granite from Brazil and Dekton ultracompact surface made in Spain. We work with large slabs of stone (over 3 meters long and 1.5 meters wide) and fabricate these to clad whatever surface you desire.

Elegant Fittings - Cosentino

The natural beauty and functionality of our extensive range of products make them ideal for all manner of applications from kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, walls (internal and external), floors, stairways, fireplaces, to furniture such as tables, reception units, stools, benches and more. Consequently, we have successfully installed these products in the biggest real estate developments, restaurants, hospitals and hotels in the country and beyond.