Countertop Styles You Need to Keep Your Eye On

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a new look or get some design inspiration for your next client, we’ve got you covered. With kitchen trends constantly changing, new countertop styles are emerging and old ones are being reimagined. Here are 10 kitchen countertop styles you can explore to create a fresh, contemporary look in your home:

1. Waterfall countertops –

The waterfall edge countertops design incorporates a top edge that gently falls down in a linear pattern, rather than leveling off into a flat plane. Waterfall countertops create a very contemporary, sleek look that can become the focus of the kitchen design. This design can add interest to your kitchen’s countertops and is perfect for homeowners who want their kitchens to stand out from other homes.

2. Longer kitchen islands –

Kitchen islands are a vital aspect of kitchen design. Homeowners are now opting for longer kitchen islands, given the ability to cook, entertain and work. The creation of extra storage space also contributes to this trend. Most homeowners are even adding closed-door cabinets below their island countertops that are perfect for storing their cooking equipment and kitchen tools.

3. Matching countertops and backsplash –

Matching your countertops to your backsplash is an easy way to tie your kitchen together and ensure that every piece in your space has a purpose. This creates a seamless look that’s also easy on the eyes.

4. Honed finish –

Since we have been experiencing a design movement using more textured and tactile surfaces, why not consider it in countertops too? A honed finish is a matte finish with little to no shine.  The overall look will vary depending on the stone type, but it should have a low sheen and a smooth surface. A honed finish not only adds to the sophistication of the space but also creates a modern appeal.

5. Countertops with character –

Homeowners are seeking a bit more character in their countertops as far as colours, patterns, and veining. The wide variety available also makes it easy for homeowners to pair their countertops with other kitchen elements such as their cabinetry, walls, backsplashes, and flooring.

6. Dark-toned countertops –

Long gone are the days of strictly white kitchen countertops. Homeowners are starting to incorporate dark countertop colors into their kitchen designs, and even pairing these counter surfaces with other dark and bold elements in their spaces. While some may be skeptical about this pairing, this black-on-black theme is never boring and there are a wide variety of black hues from which to choose.

7. Sustainable materials –

Choosing sustainable materials for the kitchen not only makes you feel good about your decisions and reduces your carbon footprint, but it’s also getting easier to find such options. Besides the green aspects, these materials are durable and an alluring option for your countertop. These surfaces can bring your vision to life elegantly and responsibly.

8. Backlit countertops –

If you like to cook in front of your family at night, or host parties regularly, a few dimmable LEDs around can create a space where everyone feels comfortable while still being able to see what they’re doing. This trend continues to grow as people realize how different and fun the addition of a light-up countertop is.

9. Minimalist kitchens –

Gray and bold neutral colors for your countertop can pair well with most kitchen spaces. These laid-back tones can go well with a wide spectrum of decor pieces while also serving as a balance between other contrasting features in the space.

10. Outdoor kitchens –

Outdoor kitchens are the perfect medium to cook, entertain, work, or even enjoy some solo time. An outdoor countertop must be durable, waterproof, easy to clean up, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Through the generations, we have gone from style to style as homeowners seek the perfect look for their main cooking space. Today, variety is the theme of the day, and we have plenty of it! Homeowners have an almost endless selection of materials, styles, sizes, and finishes to choose from at Elegant Fittings. Call us on 254 745 969 500 or email us at to schedule a consultation.