Dekton Shower Walls: Redefining Bath Surfaces

Cosentino’s best innovation yet: Dekton Slim!

This is an ultra-thin large-format surface in 4mm thickness and can be used in full panels for wall surfaces or cut to measure as horizontal surfaces or facings to furniture and cabinets.

With over twenty colors in the range, The Dekton Slim allows you to clad larger areas in a quicker and more cost friendly manner. This is all whilst giving the same hard-wearing benefits of Dekton. For house builders and developers, it’s a common fact that potential buyers expect materials and fittings of the highest quality, from brand names they can trust. The new Slim range of surface coverings offer a simple way to create an on-trend look in the bathroom without breaking the budget.

In this post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Dekton bathroom walls.

Dekton Bathroom Walls: Durability

Everyone knows the difficulties of a moldy shower. Various molds can cultivate on top of and even under the grout that is essential to tile. If bleach doesn’t work — it often fails when mold grows beneath the grout — what’s left is a horrible chemical stench and even more work to do. In other words, it’s an arduous process to clean moldy grout. To do a proper job in a mold-ridden bathroom, you often have to completely remove the grout.

In a conventional bathroom’s lifetime, it may be necessary to repeat that process many times, magnifying the expense and headache of maintenance.

With Dekton, there is no need for grout as there are few to no seams since the slabs come in large sizes (3200 x 1400mm) and is ultra-resistant to moisture and stains, and does not require any specific maintenance except wiping with a soft wet cloth. This makes cleaning a breeze!

Dekton Bathroom Walls: Exquisite Aesthetics

Beyond durability, one of the most impressive aspects of Dekton is its appearance. Its large format size of 3200 x 1400mm ensures fewer joints which results in a high-end look. It is also great for showing off a statement design.

Dekton exudes the look and feel of luxury. With Dekton beating all engineered stones for durability, it’s easy to forget just how stunning it is in vertical settings like on shower surrounds and wall panels.

While we’ve included a few pictures in this article showcasing that beauty, Visit our showroom on Woodvale lane, Runda-along Kiambu Road to check out the full slabs.

In Conclusion…

Dekton Slim in 4mm gives architects and designers a chance to rethink the bathroom and any other wet area in the home.

Dekton Slim offers the same hard-wearing properties as standard Dekton, including a high resistance to scratches and staining for easy cleaning. Due to its thin thickness and ultra-light weight  (10kg/m2), the Slim surfaces are easier to cut, transport and install.  This makes it possible to save money whilst still having bathroom cladding from a market leading brand.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best surface for shower walls?

If you’re looking for a high-quality shower wall, nothing beats Dekton! The material comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it possible to achieve just about any look imaginable.

Additionally, Dekton is durable and requires minimal maintenance.

  1. Can you use Dekton for bathroom walls and how easy are they to clean?

You can certainly use Dekton for bathroom walls! Cleaning the surfaces is quite easy as well since there are few seams and no grout for dirt and debris to get stuck in between.

For most of your cleaning, warm water and soap are all you’ll need.

  1. Where do you buy Dekton?

Elegant Fittings Ltd is Kenya’s exclusive distributor and fabricator of Dekton. Visit our Showroom on Woodvale Lane, Runda along Kiambu Road or Call us on 0745 969 500.

  1. When using Dekton for bathroom walls, what should be used for the floor?

You can also use Dekton for your bathroom flooring! This looks stunning and creates a cohesive look throughout your bathroom.

  1. How do Dekton bathroom walls compare with natural stone?

Most types of natural stone (including marble) are porous. Consequently, you’ll need to reseal natural stone as often as twice annually to protect it from the moisture in your bathroom.

Dekton, however, is nonporous and, therefore, is a hassle-free bathroom wall material. Dekton also comes in a variety of styles and patterns – including some that resemble natural stone, making it possible to get the best of both worlds.

  1. Is Dekton cheaper than tile?

Dekton will typically cost more than ceramic tile. However, many homeowners are willing to pay this premium because Dekton is of greater quality, more durable and easier to maintain.