Elegant Fittings Launches Most Exquisite Collection of Porcelain By Caesarstone

Elegant Fittings continues to provide the East African Market with world-class stone solutions with an expanded portfolio that now also includes premium porcelain designs by Caesarstone.


The distributor of premium quartz, granite and Dekton surfaces that specializes in the installation of kitchen countertops and flooring since 2008, is expanding its portfolio with a new offering of porcelain surfaces bolstered with innovative properties. Caesarstone Porcelain captures the visual qualities of a wide range of material types, from natural marble to the industrial aspects of concrete and metal. The heightened veining, palpable textures, and dynamic patterns are underscored by reinforced strength, resistance, and durability, in surfaces that are suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Nicholas Njugi, Elegant Fittings CEO: “As East Africa’s architectural landscape grows, we see a growing demand for bolder, cutting-edge designs in a variety of materials. Our mission is to continue providing our consumers with breakthrough surfaces and colors designed for high-volume use, indoors and outdoors.”

The brand’s new porcelain launch showcases a curated selection of 25 colors, at 12mm thickness with enhanced detail and functional resilience

Caesarstone Porcelain is the product of rigorous research into consumer preferences, resulting in high-end surfaces that appeal to current design trends. This product is based on three innovative properties developed to unleash the full potential of porcelain, making it a high-performance material particularly suited for present-day lifestyle. These novel properties are: Fortified Frame – provides an extremely hard surface that stands up to the most demanding high-volume use in today’s extremely active kitchens; High-Heat Structure – ensures the surface can withstand high temperatures for direct contact with heated objects and prolonged UV exposure outdoors; and Forward Design – achieves striking colors in surfaces that are simple to care and maintain, in Honed or Ultra Rough finishes, that amplify any space.

To receive free samples of Caesarstone porcelain samples, sign up here: https://forms.gle/7yZ5oqFs4vFAncxp9