Everything You Need to Know About Sensa Granite

Granite is one of the most widely used countertop/worktop materials by homeowners looking for
timeless beauty and unique finishes. Created by Cosentino, a global leader in the natural stone
industry, Sensa is a natural granite surface. Sourced from Brazil and India, these stones are
unique due to their protective treatment and 15-year warranty. Being natural stones, each Sensa
slab has different patterns and unique veining based on the stone it was sourced from. This also
gives you a variety of colours to choose from.


  1. Excellent stain resistance: Sensa granite countertops undergo a revolutionary granite
    sealing treatment called ‘Senguard’ which chemically bonds to the stone, making them
    highly stain resistant.
  2. No special maintenance required: Compare to other granite stones, Sensa Granite is not
    that difficult to clean. You don’t require any special cleaners or polishes. Simply wipe
    clean with a cloth and warm, soapy water to remove any spills.
  3. Unique designs: Every slab of Sensa Granite has unique, distinctive veins, textures, and
    unrepeatable colours, found in no other.
  4. Quality guarantee: Expect high performance and quality, with a 15-year guarantee from
    Cosentino that will allow you to continue to enjoy the natural beauty of your countertop
    for a long time.
  5. Certified and approved for direct contact with food: Sensa Granite has a certification that
    means it is safe for you to literally eat on.


Cosentino subjects the natural stone to an invisible long-lasting treatment, capable of chemically
incorporating itself into the material while still letting it breathe. The process also alters the
surface tension of the natural stone, causing the material to prevent liquids such as water, coffee
or oil from penetrating it. In addition, Sensa is, thanks to the material’s own natural
characteristics, able to retain its colour and protect itself from alterations caused by sunlight and
UV radiation.


  • Aside from regular cleaning, here are more ways you can shield your Sensa Granite:
    Don’t place hot objects directly on the surface – use tablemats, thermal mats, or coasters
    to avoid damages.
  • If you accidentally spill anything on the countertop, clean and dry the surface
  • Do not cut food directly on the surface because it can scratch it.
  • Don’t use highly acidic cleaners as they can damage the surface layer.
  • Lighter coloured countertops can show watermarks when wet. This happens because the
    stone darkens when it becomes damp but the stains vanish when the water evaporates
    Sensa is a great material for either your kitchen or bathroom owing to its strength, durability and
    unique elegance. The surfaces come in a variety of colours, styles, and veining to suit your space.

These low maintenance and long lasting stones are available in our showroom. Discover the
beauty of Sensa by visiting us on Woodvale Lane, Runda (next to Ciata City Mall Ridgeways,
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