The Attraction of White Quartz Surfaces

What do we think of, when we think about white kitchens? While white kitchens have always been the popular – from the unpleasant white laminate worktops in the 90’s to the high gloss finishes trend of the 2010’s – their attraction goes deeper than the color itself.

In practical terms, white cabinetry is simple: there is an abundance of “white” paint so it is easy to find a tone and hue to suit; it is the ultimate neutral so it will go with whatever other décor you may have; it attracts light and can make a small space seem larger; matched with either white or stainless appliances and a space really opens up and bounces light around; and if painting older cabinetry, a good white paint can cover a multitude of past kitchen sins.

At the turn of this century, when technology became a feature of our kitchens, all the appliances and integrated “smart” systems fit in perfectly in white kitchens. But there was always a practical reason for the white trend in every finish: what you can see, is what you can clean. This has never been more important than now. As we adjust to life post-covid19, where we are now more conscious and more careful about health and well-being, where our homes-as-havens has never been more true, and where keeping our families safe inside our homes is a new consideration, a new trend to white kitchens is emerging. While we may equate “white” with “clean” and find comfort in being able to wipe, scrub, and wash even the smallest dirt particle from our surfaces, the fact is that Caesarstone quartz countertops have always provided the peace-of-mind, regardless of the color.


But, did you know that all 56 Caesarstone quartz colors, from our Intense White to our Jet Black are 100% non-porous? This means that no bacteria or dirt of any kind gets below the surface, that you can simply wipe away any food, or organic material of any kind with soap and water. Whereas marble or granite require regular sealing and resealing because their porosity allows dirt and bacteria to build on and, in their surface, Caesarstone non-porous quality never needs sealing or resealing.

So, whether you want a bright graphic finish like Empira White, a more muted background like White Attica, a concrete finish like Frozen Terra, the warmth of Organic White, or a rough finish like Cloudburst Concrete, you’ll know that whatever your Caesarstone white, it will stand the test of time, the test of our times, and always provide the highest style and highest safety standards for you and your family.

Check out our online Caesarstone’s Visualizer to see our quartz surfaces in different spaces and don’t forget to request for samples of our favorite designs from Elegant Fittings Ltd!  And for more information on our white designs, Call 0745 969 500 or visit our showroom on Woodvale-lane, Runda-behind Navias Ciata Mall along Kiambu Rd.