Caesarstone Standard Range Colors & Textures

The collection of Caesarstone Standard Range Designs brings together a range of timeless classic designs with an array of colors from stunning whites to beautifully blended neutral colors and tones or the beauty of a rich designs such as Jet Black™.

The Standard Range Designs include the popular salt-and-pepper motifs that range from refined blends through to larger structure aggregates encapsulating the style, durability and finesse Caesarstone quartz surfaces are known for.

The Standard Range Designs are available in an elegant, highly reflective polished finish which is smooth to the touch.

Caesarstone Snow White-2141

Caesarstone Eggshell-3141

Caesarstone Ocean Foam-6141

Caesarstone Atlantic Salt-6270

Caesarstone Nova Grey-2040

Caesarstone Jet Black-3100

Caesarstone Oyster-4030

Caesarstone Raven-4120

Caesarstone Buttermilk Cream-4220

Caesarstone Mink-4350

To appreciate the design potential of your preferred Caesarstone Standard Range variant and test its compatibility with other colors, we encourage you to view the design first-hand at our showroom