Get Holiday-Inspired With These Home Decor Ideas

Hello December!

The holiday season is upon us.

Generally, Kenyans can agree on at least one thing… we love the holidays! December means time spent with family and friends and a new string of fun and festive activities; and don’t forget the delicious smell of Nyama Choma paired with kachumbari in the air.

For home décor enthusiasts, and for those eager to dip their toe into the decorating waters, the holidays provide fresh ideas for transforming your home into a haven of seasonal warmth. So, in step with the season, we have put together some design ideas to help get your home in holiday cheer – beyond just throwing up a tree or stringing your house with lights.

  • Throw Back

During a season in which visits to ‘Shagz‘ (grandma’s house), and memories of holidays past are the norm, the comfort of the old and familiar are a great fit. We suggest adding a rocking chair or swing to the front porch to give your home an old-fashioned farmhouse feeling. You can even “bring the indoors out” with a unique piece like a distressed table or other traditional interior pieces.

As for indoors, don’t forget grandma’s quilts! Some carefully placed hand-crafted treasures can remind you and your guests of the warmth of family and traditions. This approach provides wonderful reminders that there really is no place like home.

  • Flash Forward

The December holiday is a time of change, with one year ending and a new one on the cusp. While looking forward to 2023 and resolving to be better versions of ourselves, why not incorporate these concepts into your personal spaces? Sleek storage, utilitarian pieces, and muted gray tones are popular in this style, which keeps your aesthetic forward-leaning. Caesarstone Urban, a cool gray tone, blends nicely with a backdrop of Caesarstone Wyndigo, creating a beautiful but understated contrast with surfaces like Caesarstone Woodlands. This trend reminds us to keep evolving and looking to all the good fortune that the future brings.

  • Modern Minimalist

For those who want to keep their feet firmly planted in the present, minimalism is still hot. A contrast to the decadence of eras past, this generation embraces the “less is more” attitude and plays well with neutrals and muted colors. Modern times have brought with them a yearning for simpler living and a notion that downsizing is delightful, so this December, some decluttering and careful rearranging can bring this quieter milieu to fruition in your home.

  • Work With the Room

Chances are, your home already has a beautiful theme that acts as an ideal setting for your holiday decor. But if not, ‘tis the season, and countertops and other surfaces are a great place to start. Quartz surfaces from Caesarstone come in a wide variety of hues to complement any season, even a wintry line of colors that will perfectly enhance your design. Snow White, Frosty Carrina, Ocean Foam, Eggshell and Coastal Grey are Caesarstone quartz colors that provide the perfect backdrop for holiday decorating while preserving a sleek and modern feel that looks great all year round.

Whether your holiday fantasies reside in the past, future, or you just like to live in the moment, the month of December provides a plethora of opportunities to transition to a creative and uniquely individual seasonal décor.

At Elegant Fittings, keeping up with trends is our business. We are ready to collaborate with you to ensure our chic Caesarstone quartz surfaces provide the ideal backdrop for any decor and are durable enough to stand the test of time… or a houseful of holiday guests for many, many years to come!