Your Best Solution for Bespoke Vanity Units

At Elegant Fittings, we offer you a comprehensive solution to revolutionize your bathroom: with a wide range of designer washbasins, made with our Dekton and Caesarstone quartz surfaces.

When designing your bespoke vanity unit, the washbasin is one of the features you should pay the most attention to. Spectacularly designed washbasins are no longer a purely functional piece but a trend that elevates the feeling of luxury in the bathroom.

Depending on the space available and the style you desire for your bathroom, you can choose between different types of washbasins:

  • Wall-mounted washbasins: they are lightweight and modern, give a feeling of spaciousness and are very suitable for guest bathrooms with limited space.
  • Freestanding washbasins: they can be a real work of art in your bathroom. They are available in sculptural shapes as well as in natural stone and marble.
  • Under-countertop washbasins: they are fully integrated with the countertop, remaining underneath it, so that only the countertop, and not the washbasin itself, takes center stage.
  • Countertop washbasins: they rest on the countertop and often feature eye-catching shapes made from natural stone, porcelain or other materials. High spout taps are recommended for this type of washbasin to make it more comfortable to use. In this case, it is important to choose a sturdy, low-maintenance countertop that will not be damaged by soap and water.
  • Built-in washbasins: the washbasin and countertop form a single piece of the same material, resulting in elegant and highly functional pieces. For this type of washbasin, we recommend our ultra-compact Dekton surface, ideal for contact with water thanks to its low porosity.

We suggest a very functional solution to give a uniform and minimalist look to your bathroom: use Dekton Slim to clad the vanity unit and choose the same colour for the floor, wall and countertop. Not only will you get an exquisite total look, but also the maintenance of your bathroom will be much easier thanks to Dekton’s low porosity.

Caesarstone quartz and Dekton offer low maintenance and easy to clean surfaces. Both have very low porosity, making them resistant to limescale and soap stains and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and neutral soap.

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