The Five Trends Taking Over 2022

Designing a space can be a challenging thing, especially when it comes to knowing what’s in, what’s out, and what’s timeless. Curating an aesthetically pleasing space has also become more popular, with everyone reaching for refined and covetable designs that are “Instagrammable”. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of trends that are here to stay in 2022, inspired by global designs, industry insights, and our client’s perspectives.

Whether you want to redo your kitchen, design your new home, or curate a commercial property, the following trends can be a great resource for you this year:

Back to nature

More and more, people are drawing inspiration from Mother Nature and the beauty of our natural surroundings. Wood flooring and countertops in rich golden and cinnamon shades bring warmth and add layers of natural elements. The use of rough, textured stone as focal points to create a natural feel in the home is also picking up.

Consider pairing warm wood or tiles with dark countertops or accent pieces to add depth and make the colors pop.

Make a statement with your stone

Embrace a unique look in your kitchen or bathroom with rich and dramatic stone slabs. You can incorporate a bold-coloured stone, or create a striking contrast with a white stone surrounded by darker tones. Textured stone can also help create interesting focal points. Don’t shy away from patterns or veining either – these varied finishes make for an interesting matchup with other elements like flooring, walls, or cabinetry.

Everything but the kitchen sink

Long gone are the days of boring stainless steel or ceramic sinks. 2022 is bringing different finishing, sizes, and styles to kitchen and bathroom sinks. From integrated under-mounted ones to fabricated top-mount stone sinks. We’re also seeing matte black sinks and sink fixtures, as well as gold and brass colors take over. These finishes stray away from your typical silver metal sinks.

Curves are in

Furniture and fittings with softer, rounded edges have become increasingly popular, from countertops to tables. Although to some they are a minute detail, countertop and table edge choices are a focal point this year.

What’s on the outside matters

Although natural stone is all the rage indoors, it’s starting to become a popular choice for outdoor entertaining too. If you want to jazz up your outdoor kitchen, wall facades, stairs, gazebos and the likes, consider a natural stone. They are durable, and they will make your space much more appealing and elegant.

Whichever trend tickles your fancy, we can ensure it’s executed with the utmost proficiency, professionalism, and aesthetic quality. Give us a call on +254745969500 or email to book an appointment.