Top Four Countertop Colours to Pair with Your White Cabinets

If you’re looking for a classic cabinet colour that will never go out of style, choose white. White
cabinets are bright, clean, and timeless. Additionally, having white cabinets gives you the
opportunity to decorate the rest of your kitchen as creatively as you wish.At first glance, white
may seem like a boring colour for a kitchen, but when it’s on the cabinets, it provides you leeway to do so much more with other parts of your kitchen, starting with your choice of countertops. The countertop that you select sets the tone for your colour scheme and design theme of the entire kitchen. So, what colour of countertop should you pair with your white cabinets?

Here are some ideas from top designers:

  1. White
    Yes, white on white works! This look is very clean and put together, and not as whitewashed as
    you’d think because you can add some colour to your kitchen with tiles and appliances. Using
    white countertops gives your kitchen a bright look as they reflect light. They’re also extremely easy to customize and match with the floors, paint, and decor. They show dirt and stains easier, but if you’re cleaning regularly, this should not be an issue. This look can work for minimal, traditional, and farmhouse-styled kitchens.
  2.  Grey
    Grey is another versatile colour for kitchen countertops. You create an air of elegance and style when you combine grey countertops with white cabinets. Grey comes in many shades, so
    it’s incredibly easy to match with the flooring and tiles of your kitchen. Since grey and white are
    both neutrals, they go great together and pair well with all other colours. To make a statement in
    your kitchen, you can incorporate a bold colour to the wall or continue with your grey theme using a lighter shade than the countertops.
  3. Black
    Just like white countertops will always go with white cabinets, so will black. White and black
    paired together achieves a classic look, no matter your decor style. Black countertops may
    not be for everyone, but they can make a white-themed kitchen look sleek and stylish. They
    make any kitchen look and feel modern, and are easy to clean, too. This, however, is a choice
    best suited for kitchens that receive a decent amount of natural light.
  4. Beige/Tan/Brown
    If you are going for a Country or Farmhouse theme, you can achieve it with a brown granite countertop. You can use a lighter tan counter or something mid-toned. A lot of countertops are now flecked with tones of brown, beige, and tan, should you not want to commit to the all-brown look. This opens up your kitchen to a wide range of colour options for tiling and paint. Beige and
    stone-coloured countertops can add a lovely warmth to any kitchen, which would look even
    better with warm lighting. This especially works if your kitchen has very dark undertones, as it
    creates balance with your white cabinets.

Ultimately, white kitchen cabinets are amazingly versatile, and because of this you can have almost whatever colour you want for your countertops. You could also  skip the neutrals and go
for a statement colour like red, orange, or blue, and still create a unique, cohesive, stylish kitchen
as long as the undertones match. There are no wrong choices, just some that work better.

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